Since 1987
Great investment effort in innovation, quality and development.

Cristal Cerámicas S.A. fi rst started operating as a company in 1987 in the province of Castellón, where there was already an important nucleus of businesses dedicated to the ceramic tile sector. CRISTACER’s main priority is to manufacture “quality products conceived to meet customers’ needs”. To achieve this goal, the company believes that substantial investment must be made int o quality, innovation and development, given that one of Cristal Cerámicas S.A.’s main objectives is to remain at the forefront of the tile sector.
In conjunction with its team of specialist sta† , all these factors ensure that the group is in an optimum position to tackle future challenges in an increasingly tough competitive world, due to the economic situation and the low prices of rival products manufactured in emerging countries.


Domestic & international market

The company’s products are distributed to over 90 di† erent countries, since 63% of its total output is exported abroad. As a result, to boost its portfolio of customers abroad and to  present its latest collections on the international arena, CRISTACER takes part in the trade fairs CEVISAMA,

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Ctra. Viver - Pto. Burriana, Km 55,5
12200 Onda (Castellón) SPAIN
Tel. +34 964 602 852

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