An eco-friendly philosophy

CRISTACER’s Management is committed to complying with the guidelines of the company’s Quality and Environmental Management Policy. A commitment to compliance with all legislation applicable to the company’s activities and to individual or sectoral agreements entered into with customers and other organizations. Ongoing improvements to the Management System, with a commitment by all members of staff† to meet goals and targets set by Management in the fi elds of quality and environmental care. The application of internal and external audits so as to guarantee the maintenance of CRISTACER’s Management System and ongoing improvements to it. 

In environmental matters, the promotion of training, a closer awareness, participation and reporting among all the company’s staff† , extending this to customers, suppliers and subcontractors, so as to work toward a greater joint environmental commitment, fostering teamwork and the active integration of environmental measures. 

The provision of the necessary resources to comply with this policy and to meet targets and goals by optimizing available resources and giving priority to their recycling and re-use.

Integrated Environmental Authorization

With a view to ensuring ongoing improvements, quality management of its products, and efficient customer service, and given its awareness of the environmental responsibility that its activities imply, CRISTACER has introduced and keeps in place an integrated Quality and Environmental Management System.
Its aim is t o prevent or minimize the environmental impacts and pollution that its activities generate through proper waste management procedures and controls over operations where waste might be generated, as well as maintaining the quality standards set by the company in keeping with customer demands.

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